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Access Control Systems

Our automations systems are manufactured in Italy by CAME, a world leader in automation systems, gate openers and automatic barriers, manufacturing automatic solutions for all gate types.
Together with the large selection of automation systems we also supply CAME access control systems in combination with any automatic system. CAME installation systems come backed by a 3 year warranty to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Please use our free quotation service by calling us on 1300 657 560 or contact us through our web-site.

Remote Control - Transmiters

TOP - Remote Control

TOP 433.92 MHz

The superheterodyne 433.92 MHz radio systems have been specially designed to meet all the needs of modern automation systems. The TOP-SA version, for example, ensures multi-user management or the possibility of having different codes on each individual transmitter button, which is suitable for starta building use. The integrated systems technology allows the TOP-SA series to have AUTO-PROGRAMMING between radio transmitters

Proximity card sensor

"TSP00" Proximity card sensor up to 100 users

TSP00 - Proxy Sensor

The TSP00 proximity card sensor is the ideal tool for selecting any passing. In fact the card is practical and sturdy, it is impervious to sun rays and magnetic fields.
Suitable for managing up to 500* max member users, it is supplied with its dedicated sodtware, but also works when not permanently connected to a PC.

*subject to application

Coded keypad

"S9000" Wireless Codepad

S9000 Codepad

The S SERIES coded keypad is available in several models including a wirless solution for a cost effective entry control tool.


Magnetic card reader

"LT" Magnetic card reader

LT-Magnetic Reader

TheLT001 magnetic card reader is a valid alternative, practical and functional, and is more cost effective, when a high number of cards are required.

Key switch

"SET-E"surface mounted keyswitch

SET-E Keyswitch

The SET-001e Key switch is a cost effective entry control simple to use tool, it can be integrated to any CAME automation system.
Available as surface mount unit or built-in version.

Also available: reccesed version and integrated version combined with codepad.

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